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Residential Developments

Changes to the Planning Regulations are already under discussion by the UK Government, who in conjunction with the UK Department for Transport and the requirements of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive propose a number of minimum requirements for any new residential developments, as well as renovations to existing residential buildings.  Specifically, for residential developments with more than 11 parking bays for the dwelling where the parking spaces are within the building or within the site boundary of the building containing the dwelling, each of the parking bays to be fitted with Electric Vehicle Charging stations of at least 7kW and if not feasible at the very least to have the enabling infrastructure in place to accommodate future charging equipment.

Many planning offices are already working to this proposed update to the Building Regulations 2010(SI 2010/2214).  It is vital therefore to include for Electric Vehicle Charging within your Planning Application for the development.

For more info see: here


Powerworks EVC offers a number of suitable charging solutions:

  • We can provide power requirements, drawings, dimensions and provide advice and guidance during the design and procurement stages to ensure no retrospective works or alterations are needed

  • Offering Dynamic Load Balancing – this means the total supply current to the chargers from the building’s mains supply can be limited to not exceed the supply capability of the electrical infrastructure

  • Intelligent management system allows building owners to individually re-charge the electricity costs to residents at a price per kWhr they set themselves

  • Choice of single or double socket installations for either wall-mounted unit for installations within the building or floor standing  unit for outside parking

  • Backing plate can be installed during 1st-fix and front section afterwards to ensure equipment is not damaged during construction

  • Make your development more desirable to potential tenants and residents whilst also enhancing the ‘green appeal’ of the project

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