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Commercial Building at Night

Facilities & Electrical

A charger can be considered as just one of a number of sustainable strategies for Commercial Offices, solar glazing and daylighting, renewable energy, LEDs, or green roofs are others, and Energy Managers should be included in the decision making cycle.  With the current rapid increases in use of Electric Vehicles, and the opportunities to reclaim up to £14,000 in grants for an installation (£350 per charging station up to 40 chargers), and employees making huge savings as a result in Benefit in Kind tax-changes, it is key to start making provision for the installation of EV Chargers now.   Early adopters of EV have in conjunction with their employees already saved many millions of tons of Carbon entering the atmosphere.

In order to integrate the Electric Vehicle Fleet on your campus, or your customer’s site you will need to provide sufficient EV Charging to meet the needs of the fleet, and consider a number of factors:

  • Number and type of vehicles to be charged, and speed of charging required

  • Location of chargers and available power sources

  • Signage and protective barriers

  • Budget for the installations

  • Access Control

  • Remote monitoring

  • How the business will charge users for the electricity

  • Using our Dynamic Load Balancing, your building will not exceed it’s power capacity at peak times.  Various payment options, either via RFID which means costs can be monitored, and if appropriate billed to individual employees


Keep it simple – the complete solution provider:

Powerworks EVC make the whole process simple, from choosing the right equipment, to installing it, commissioning and maintaining the equipment & recovering the grant funding on your behalf, you are in safe & experienced hands.

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