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Powerworks OLEV

OLEV Funding

Save up to £350* off the cost of your home or workplace charger with a Powerworks EVC installation

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) is currently offering grants to those who own or lease a qualifying electric vehicle (EV). Below is an overview of the schemes available and some of the qualifying criteria.



Electric Vehicle Home Charging Scheme (EVHCS)

With only a few EVs exempt from the scheme (see the current list of qualifying vehicles here) nearly all new and older EVs qualify for the scheme whereby a total of £350 can be claimed back on the purchase and installation of a new EV charger. Whether you are buying or leasing you are still eligible. Below is a snapshot of what you need.

  • You must have off-street parking

  • You must install an OLEV-approved charge point

  • The date of installation must not be more than 4 months ahead of the date of delivery or date the customer becomes the registered driver of the electric vehicle

  • No more than 2 cars owned by two separate drivers from the same household may apply (max 2 cars per household)

  • If leasing, the term must be more than 6months

  • You must use an OLEV-approved charge point installer like Powerworks EVC


Not all plug-in vehicles are eligible for the OLEV EVHS grant. All full battery electric vehicles are eligible, but plug-in hybrid vehicle CO2 emissions must be calculated below 50g/km


Talk to the Powerworks EVC team today and we can help you obtain OLEV funding for any of our installed chargers.

Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

Similar to the EVHCS the government recognises that many commuters will be wishing to charge at work or businesses run fleets of EVs and need to keep them topped up. To support the transition to EVs in our workplaces grants of £350 are also available up to a maximum of 40 charge points, giving a total saving of £14,000 per company. The WCS is available to any business, charity or public authority, with some conditions including the following:

  • You must have sufficient off-street parking.

  • While you do not need to currently have electric vehicles as part of your fleet, you will need to express an existing or future need for the business.

  • You must have the charging station installed by an OLEV-approved workplace charging station installer like Powerworks EVC

To claim your WCS OLEV voucher, please follow this link. If you need any help or support, please contact us.

*Subject to certain criteria. Contact us for any clarifications that are needed.

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