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Retail & Hospitality

Whether you are considering Electric Vehicle Charging for a Supermarket, Shopping Centre or a Hotel car-park, benefits are significant:

  • Demonstrate your Organisation’s Environmental Awareness, and take positive action.

  • Attract more Customers to your site, whether as guests who want to charge up  overnight, or shoppers wishing  to use the store’s  facilities.

  • Potential chargeable service, with the ability to set the price.

  • Benefit to staff who can charge their own vehicles at reduced rates.

  • Courtesy transport fleet (eg airport collection services) can operate at reduced cost, saving over £1,500 per annum per vehicle in fuel costs.

  • Offering additional service not offered by competition.

  • Attract additional customers to attend business meetings or use restaurant facilities.

  • Using our Dynamic Load Balancing, your building will not exceed it’s power capacity at peak times.  Various payment options, either via RFID which means costs can be added to a guest’s hotel bill, or card payment for ‘public use’ charge stations.


Keep it simple – the complete solution provider:

Powerworks EVC make the whole process simple, from choosing the right equipment, to installing it, commissioning and maintaining the equipment & recovering the grant funding on your behalf, you are in safe & experienced hands.

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