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Modern Office Buildings


Powerworks EVC has extensive experience in installations in a workplace setting, no matter how large or small. With legislative changes driving the roll-out and uptake of EVs, workplaces need to start taking action to accommodate the demand from company car and van drivers, as well as those commuting to and from work in an EV. Your customers & clients will also be visiting you and will be expecting the ability to top up their vehicle too. 

Why install EVC at your Workplace?

  • Demonstrate your Company’s Environmental Awareness, and take positive action

  • Save around £1,000 per annum per vehicle on fuel

  • Employees BIK reduced to ZERO on company cars

  • Up to £14,000 funding available (£350 per charge point up to 40 points)

  • Discounts for employees for their online purchase of their home equipment

  • Using our Dynamic Load Balancing, your building will not exceed it’s power capacity at peak times.  Staff can be issued with programmable RFID cards so you can see exactly their power usage, and bill accordingly, everything is controlled from the clever Admin Software allowing you to control access and use of your chargers, day or night.


Keep it simple – the complete solution provider

Powerworks EVC make the whole process simple. From choosing the right chargers, to installing, commissioning and maintaining the equipment & recovering the grant funding on your behalf, you are in safe & experienced hands.


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