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Time to charge

There are many charger types and options so getting the right solution is critical.
Alternating Current or AC chargers are the most popular option for workplaces and organisations that require flexibility and control over their charging infrastructure.
  • Typically range from 7.4kW - 43kW 
  • AC chargers rely on the cars in-built converter to convert the charge to DC so charging times vary depending on the vehicle's ability to utilise the power
  • AC chargers require less power and are more economical than DC versions
  • Best suited to fleets and vehicles that are parked for periods of more than 30mins


Direct Current or DC chargers are the most powerful solutions that enable rapid and ultra-rapid charging for your fleet and commercial vehicles.
  • Typically range from 22kW - 350kW
  • DC chargers bypass the vehicles' onboard converter and feed power directly to the battery 
  • Some DC chargers require additional infrastructure to allow them to operate 
  • Most suited to commercial vehicles or fleets where onsite parking time is limited or where a quick turnaround is required.


Charger types and power examples

AC Connector type              Typical power rating              Approx range per hour charging (based on 60kWh EV)                            Features

Type 1                            3.7kW - 7kW                                  12.5 miles - 25 miles                                                      •5-pins

•Standard US socket

•No locking mechanism

•Single phase only

Type 1.png

Type 2                            3.7kW - 22kW                                12.5 miles - 75 miles                                                      7-pins

•Standard European socket

•Inbuilt locking mechanism

•Can carry three phase power

Type 2.png

DC Connector type              Typical power rating              Approx range per 30 mins charging (based on 60kWh EV)                      Features

      CHAdeMO                              50kW                                             75 miles                                                                    •Original DC connector

Most common in the UK

CHAdeMO PW.png

            CCS                             50kW - 350kW                                  75 -525 miles                                                                 •High power                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Shortest charge time

   Likely to become           most popular option


          Type 2                              130kW                                              180 miles                                                                   •Tesla only 

Type 2.png

Any questions?

Not sure which option might be right for you or your organisation? Call or message one of our experts using the info below where we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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